Rental greenery service

From the day our business began, we have been providing our customers with greeneries that bring nature at its best to their spaces. The nursery at our Osaka Head Office stock thousands of plants (14,000m2), as well as our nurseries in the Central and Eastern prefectures. Our 39 indoor decorative gardening engineers (As of January 2014; Best in Japan) deliver our products to around 9000 customers all around the country.

Our Values as Professionals

Business Details

“Maintaining the quality of our staff” = “The quality of our greens”

By emphasising on continual training for our staffs, each individual will be aware of their own abilities and professionalism. From keeping their uniforms clean to being a precise with their judgements, and most of all, they can quickly assist their customers.
We can promise that our employees are capable of bringing the best service with passion.

About our Maintenance

We provide our maintenance service twice a month (once every 2 weeks) for the plants we provide.

The maintenance job covers cleaning/trimming the leaves, cleaning/changing the saucer, cleaning the pot, watering and renewing the plants. Basically we will not have our customers worry about keeping the plants last as long as possible!

Example of Plant Rental Areas

Big greens:
President’s offices, reception rooms, conference rooms, office spaces, refreshment spaces, entrance halls, boutiques, fitness clubs, senior institutes…
Mid-sized greens:
Places that are limited in space, such as integrated planter boxes, partition area, window displays…
Small greens:
Reception counters, above cabinets, on tables, bathrooms…
Reception counters, reception rooms, showrooms, special occasions…
Tall greens:
Places with high ceilings such as shopping malls, hospitals, schools…

Overall sizes and prices