Chairman message

On April 26, 2012, Universal Engeisha Co., ltd was listed on the STANDARD exchange. We appreciate all our stockholders and those who have supported and cooperated with us for a long time.

Our mission is to contribute to the world with our prosperity by growing the business.
(‘The world’ refers to the earth, people, countries and stakeholders).

Since the company was founded in 1968, we continued to run the business mainly focused on greenery products. Now we network of offices across Japan in three major cities, Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo. Additionally, our business expanded to other sectors such as retails, online shop, garden centres and so on.

The horticulture industry is competitive, and despite the market scale of it being more than 1 trillion yen, the sector has remained stagnant in recent years. Moreover, most companies in this industry run under private management which makes it difficult to obtain shares and the market has matured years ago. While there has been many transformation of structures in other industries, our market is still dawning. Therefore, I would like to revolutionise our situation by believing in our past achievements, experiences and trusted relationship between clients and workers.

Compared to the whole scale of the market, our share still has a high potential for growth. We thrive to grow in a new stage with our three advantages; retained profit (capital ratio 85%+), highly skilled employees and ambitious spirit.

“You only have one life to live.” What should I do when there are no second chances. After deep thoughts, my conclusion was to provide the world with contributions through our work and the company. I also felt this is the only way to give back as much as what is given. Therefore, the Universal Engeisha Group aims to develop further profit and continue contributing to the world.