Basic strategy

Increasing competitive superiority and establishing new service.

Nowadays, the horticulture industry and plant rental sector is stagnant. Furthermore, it is highly competitive, especially in urban areas.

However, our industry is gaining positive prospects for the mid/long term growth, and we continue to tackle environmental issues to lead our lifestyles towards a better future. Universal Engeisha Group aims to grow steadily, in accordance to our basic strategy, such as improving service, expanding our market share and expanding to new business fields.

Basic Strategy

1. Expanding shares
By taking advantage of our financial strength in plant rental business, we will accelerate our growth in domestic and global markets by expanding shares and seeking M&A opportunities.
2. Entering the flower retail market
In the horticulture industry, half of the market is focused on the flower retails. We will enter and grow our market shares for this department in order to serve more individual customers.
3. Introducing new products and retail methods
We will introduce new products, technologies and merchandise techniques to stimulate the stagnant market.