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LED Lights and Illumination Displays

We will brighten our nights with vibrant beautiful illuminations!

The energy consumption level for LED lights are only ⅙ of normal lights. Because of this reduced power consumption, these lights are more longer lasting and cost-efficient, which means it is more eco-friendly.

Including Christmas tree installations, our company helps decorate our city with illuminations that can enhance the mood of the atmosphere. We have a stock of LED strings that can be easily used on trees and plants, shaped lights (e.g. starts) for a playful decoration, illuminations with sensors to integrate additional features such as sound, iron frames to hang on ceilings, etc.

Cleaning Product Rentals

You can rent various cleaning products such as entrance mats, mops, cleaning cloths, air cleaners, futon cleaning etc.
Our staff will deliver the needed products to maintain the hygiene in your environment. Then we will visit sometimes to check the quality level of the products so we will know when to replace them.

Aquarium Rentals

Our staffs will help maintain the aquariums to benefit your environment, the only chores required by the customers is to feed the fishes. Aquariums can provide a relaxing atmosphere, be an eye-catching attraction and the fishes will be kept in a safe environment.

Photo Rentals

We select high resolution photographs that are not only beautiful, but which also matches the concept of different spaces. By improving the atmosphere with visuals, we believe it will help retain visitors and profits. For example, in a hospital, images that provides comfort and relaxation is ideal. In hotels, perhaps a photo of popular destinations or of seasonal food that are served can bring a sense of luxury.

It is expensive to invest in artworks or large original prints. In a fast-paced society where people are more trend conscious, the versatility to make changes to your environment with rented images will be ideal.

The contracts are generally by 3 months, so you can have the option to keep the same image or to change the photo, for example by the season.