Fleur Universelle and Les Grands Arbres

The first and second floors are filled with flowers and foliages of “Fleur Univers, visually merchandised to display an atmosphere than placing them as mere products. We provide our guests with high-quality services as a flower shop, but also a time to relax and be inspired.

On the third and fourth floors you will find a natural garden-style cafe called “Les Grands Arbres”, meaning “The big tree”. A renowned nutritionist produced the menu, which bring you fresh meals to support your health and beauty.

With a benefit of having a flower shop, this space can also be hired for events and parties.

We aim to create a classic and timeless space that are not persuaded by quick trends. The displays are reflected on our arrangements and the people are reflected on our designs. We hope to make the best impression through satisfactions.

Our staff aims to provide services that touches our silent needs, not only what we are asked and told. This allows us to be friendly, attentive and aware of ways to improve for a better next time.