Artificial Flower Rental

We provide high-quality artificial flowers composed of fibres such as silk and rayon. You might mistaken our “art”-ificial arrangements as fresh flowers. Please allow our professionals to bring you original designs with an optimal budget for any purposes.

The arrangements can also be provided for weddings and other displays. From roses, sakura and foliages, we have a wide range of available greeneries.

Our Values for Ornaments

We offer our clients with sincere attention to meet everyone’s needs and wants.

There are designs that can only be made possible with artificial flower arrangements. There is no need to water these decorations, so it allows different type of creations to be made. The costs are reasonable and are usually half of what you might expect for fresh flowers.

By changing the designs regularly, we can provide freshness and express the seasons to inspire the viewers. We hope the artificial flowers will give more people chances to appreciate this type of art as it does for us.

Universal Engeisha will continue to create “a lifestyle with flowers” in our atmosphere with free-spirited designs.