Landscaping, Gardening and Plant Maintenance

Design and Construction

We will support the transformation of your front lawn, flower beds, or perhaps the atrium in commercial buildings with designful landscaping ideas to bring more flowers in greens to your life. We can draw blueprints and propose presentations, then our skillful gardeners will create them promptly as confirmed. With an intricate balance between softness and hardness in designs, we will give full support to construct and manage the projects.

Our societies are faced with industrial developments and losses of natural spaces. Cities often referred to as a concrete jungle or heat islands suffer from the advancement of global-warming phenomena.
To recognise our current needs, our company hopes to expand our will and integrations to create better spaces where “civilization” and “nature” can co-exist for the long-term.

Our lifestyle coordinator and specialist gardeners are capable of creating spaces that meets every aspect of expectations, from listening to the client’s personal needs to efficiently using the provided area.


Although integration of greeneries are becoming more popular for places like office buildings, mansions and manufacturing facilities, we still encounter many problems in life involving health and preservation of an environment.

Universal Engeisha strives to change this by providing our customers with a maintained workplace to relieve unnecessary waste of time and stress.


Regular trimming and weeding of plants can help maintain a clean environment and extend the lives of the greenery. When the maintenance of branches and leaves are abandoned, it can cause problems such as attracting unwanted pests, changes in its colours, disturb ventilation or light.

Seasons: Low plants and hedges (June and October), Tall plants (October)

Pest Control

Between spring and summer many pests emerge. They can damage the leaves, stems, cause diseases or harm humans. To protect the longevity of our plants, we will recommend a regular pest control maintenance.

Seasons: Approx. 3 times during Spring and Summer seasons.


Maintaining a desirable environment for our plants ironically means it is an ideal place for weeds to grow.
They can steal the waters meant for our greens and accelerate them to wither.

Seasons: Regular weeding between March and October


Since the grounds where we plant greeneries are limited with nutritions that are usually found in nature, we provide them with additional fertilizations. This also prevents pest of approaching and will help the trees to keep growing.

Seasons: December~February (Base fertilization), June=September (Additional fertilization).